How Dare Democrat Politicians and Their Academic Intelligent Elite Think They Can Run Free-Markets

You know, I just find it fascinating that the academic elite are advising democrats on how best to control, regulate, and tax free-markets. Mostly, I find this humorous because most of these folks have never run a business or participated in capitalism or free-markets. Once, I called in to C-Span and made mention of this and an academic defended himself by stating that he had written text books and sold those, so actually he had participated in the free market and self-employment as part of his professorship.

That’s an interesting come-back indeed; too bad I allowed him to take answer my question after I’d hung up and was off the air. You see, he didn’t participate in free-markets, he sold his text-books into an enclosed market. Basically he was running a monopoly. Maybe it wasn’t his idea to participate in a monopoly, but that’s exactly what he was doing. I mean, I can’t write a text book for his class, only he can, and then he recommends everyone buy his book, or else, well or else forget a “A” in the class.

Okay so, just for kicks, I looked up his last few text-books, a whopping $245.00 each – no wonder it costs so much to go to college these days? What a great racket for an overpaid professor with a huge pension, a side business with “no competition” how convenient indeed. But either way, that’s not participating in free-markets, not even close my friends. Further, my tax dollar subsidies Universities, their research, and even guarantees student loans to buy those books.

What, I am saying is that these academic elites quite often have no business claiming wisdom in free-markets and expert status to educate, and advise politicians regardless of party affiliation. Of course, I doubt if anyone who has ever run a business would listen to their free-market fantasies or disparaging remarks of capitalism. In fact, I’d go so far as to say; “How Dare Democrat Politicians and Their Academic Intelligent Elite Think They Can Run Free-Markets – I mean of all the nerve, seriously.”

Worse, I think it is quite unfortunate that the media gives them a megaphone. I’ve seen academics trashing capitalism on CNN, MSNBC, and several other networks. The amount of political correctness and left-leaning skewed comments that are made are downright un-American, anti-freedom, and against free-markets, which again is a problem because those very networks are businesses, making a profit, selling advertising, and they never question this nonsense.

Indeed, I hope you will think on this and please consider it all. If you are a left leaning socialist academic professor, and you’d like to argue this point with a real live free-market capitalist then you may shoot me an e-mail, if you will leave your political rhetoric in that textbook of yours, and are willing to learn a little bit about the reality of what has made this country so great.