Academics Can’t Run Armies

It is amazing how many political advisers that a president has helping him or her make decisions with regard to military action. Many of the academics have studied history for a good part of their lives, and they’ve studied all the military history as far back as you can imagine. But does that in all cases make them an expert, and knowledgeable enough to run armies? A soldier, and a general serves the political will of the leadership of the nation, and they are an extension of that political will.

Most nations will go out of their way to avoid war, and being afraid of war is not a very wise idea, but avoiding war or little compromise by far beats the end scenario of political impasse. Killing one’s own species is not a noble thing to do, and no one should glorify war, it’s a horrific act, nevertheless, if you’re going to have a war you have to win it, and you need to do it decisively, and quickly. As your enemy adjusts to each move you make, you must remain agile and be completely in the game and in the flow.

Have you ever watched a kick return in a football game? Every once in a while, the receiver collects the kickoff, and runs all the way back for a touchdown, and it is amazing to watch the replay. I ask you, can an academic do that? Have they ever done that? If not they don’t understand how the game is played, how the game is won, or what it takes to get there, why would you listen.

And using this simple analogy, as a philosophical argument, I’d like to made a statement; Academics Can’t Run Armies, and any president that relies on Academics as advisers to help them make the sole decision in wartime, in my opinion is a fool. Please consider all this.