Academic Cover Letter

An Academic Cover Letter Contains More Information than a General Cover Letter

While a business cover letter is usually short and restricted to one page in length, this type of letter will contain more information and be lengthy – up to two pages. The information focuses on giving full details of the applicant’s research and teaching goals and accomplishments. This is a very useful opportunity for the applicant to impress the academic board and to create a strong impression on them as to his or her potential and compatibility as a teacher and a researcher. Therefore, it is important to write meticulously. As with the business cover letter, this will also have to be written according to each different institution requirements which they are addressed to. As a result of this, it is important for the applicant to find out the requirements of each institute he will be applying to before beginning to write.

It is advised, when starting to write an Academic Cover Letter to prepare well ahead. Keep a template of the CV and CL ready, so that it will enable you to send these items when a position of interest becomes vacant. It should be kept in mind that the cover letter which will be sent should be personalized, presented professionally, and kept interesting. Be as short and concise as possible, to enable the reader to not waste time by reading unnecessary information which is not relevant to the job applied for. Before writing the cover letter it is also recommended that the applicant find out all he can about the relevant institution, such as the number of students, background of the university or college, if it’s more research based or teaching oriented etc. It will be beneficial to the applicant if he mentions the knowledge which has been gained about the institution. This will show the reader that the applicant is thorough and professional in his work and capable of uncovering non public information through personal research and networking skills.

The format of an Academic Cover Letter will be the same as a business cover letter. It should be addressed to a person whenever possible. If you do not know who you should address it to it is advisable to seek information from the relevant universities which you will be applying to and find out the names of the head of the selection committee or the chairperson of the department. The first paragraph should explain why you are writing and how you were informed of the position which you are applying for while stating your interest in it as well. This should be done in as few sentences as possible. The applicant will have to show the potential employer that he is the ideal candidate for the job. The body of the letter will elaborate on the requirements which will make you the ideal candidate. If for example, the position applied for is in the research field the applicant will have to give a summary of his research experience, or if it is a teaching position he will have to summarize his teaching experience.

The importance of a good Academic Cover Letter is that if written in the proper manner it will pave the way for a career which is rewarding and fulfilling. Therefore, it is important to be neat and organized with your writing. This gives the overall impression of a person who is neat, systematic and organized which is an important fact for any job but especially relevant for this type of academia related positions. When writing your qualifications and accomplishments, your cover letter should not be a duplicate of your CV. It should only highlight all the necessary qualifications which will make you stand out from the rest of the applicants. If written with these specifics in mind you will have a letter which will assist you in obtaining that academic position you desire.